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Originally Posted by Godofwar View Post
I haven't, doesn't really bother me because I probably wouldn't use them anyways. There's music players you can find online to replace ITUNEs if you wanted music player. I personally use Enqueue. I'm not a big music listener on the computer tho, I usually play my mp3s on my Creative Zen(an mp3 player you probably never heard of). I only use music when I jog/exercise. My brother uses his computer as a music player tho, using Windows Itunes all the time. Enqueue is a good Itunes replacement it looks almost exactly like Itunes.
iTunes sound a lot better for me so far since i havent got any other player installed other than vlc and the other video player plus I'm able to use the itunes controller so i could play/skip a song right into my taskbar. Also, Im just using my music collection in my ntfs/windows drive and completely sync it without copying into my mac drive. But my main concern is to be able to use the store.

Originally Posted by misterfrista View Post
Ive got a perfectly running appstore/itunes with 10.7.4 . Bought many apps and so on.
How were you able to do it? Mind sharing some tips? I tried what i had seen on the net like booting with PCIRootUID=0 or deleting all your network settings and add the ethernet first on the list but that just dont seem to work with me. My connection is mainly by using a 3g/4g stick connected via usb and or wifi and not via lan cable.
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