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Originally Posted by shawnanastasio View Post
Hmm..Thanks for your feedback. One more question; I have an iMac running 10.7, can i use the recovery partition to install to an external drive, and boot that drive on my AMD?
I made an iBoot lion 10.7 installer on my Intel hac with the vanilla 10.7 app store dmg. Installed on my hac, onto a usb external HDD. Then I booted my Lion on my sata HDD, so that I can update the external HDD to 10.7.3, then ran muiltibeast selecting the External drive, selected what I thought I needed. Edited AHCI kexts so that the HDD would boot on my AMD machine, followed by replacing the kernel with the AMD one. I made sure that the org.chameleon.Boot.plist had "npci=0x3000 -legacy and -v" under kernel flags, disabled usekernelcache, otherwise it wouldn't boot. I then installed the HDD into my AMD machine and it booted right up with the exception of finder. I'm not sure if the recovery partition will work, but the app store dmg will no doubt.

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