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I am at a loss for those issues, especially if you are not getting a kernel panic.

.dmg opening issues that result in KP relate to mix-matched sandbox/kernel versions (; however, your issues involves it just not working.

The AMD box in my signature suffered from a traumatic lightning strike. Before you chastise me for not having a proper surge suppressor, know that I did. It does not matter what kind of property installed surge suppressor or full-home protection you have, a direct hit will cause damage. I experience one strike years ago that erased every VHS and cassette tape in our home. FYI my home town is known to have more ground strikes than any other city in the world, but I digress. Prior to this mishap, I was experiencing issues where applications would not load after the machine was on for greater than 15 minutes. This was intermittent. I noticed that if I disabled my LAN and removed the next, I would not have these problems. Unfortunately I am unable to continue testing on this rig.

What I am trying to get at, is that you may have some problem kexts. I would make a list of all of the modified or additional files required to run your system. Try removing the non-essential files (audio/lan if applicable) and see if you still experience an issue.

You may also want to clear your console logs and start paying attention to what comes up after it fails to mount DMGs or extract files.

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