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Originally Posted by instant idiot View Post
You mean the one that's supposed to be for 48XX?
Yep that one I also came across an extract of the driver from mountain lion...cant install it now so I cant try but I hope somebody will...
OK guys I havent been here for a while I just got bulldozer CPU and HD 7770 GFX... could you just briefly inform me on the updates???like what we know???so that im up to date???

*EDIT* I also bought an X Fi GO PRO card...even though it works...its very distorted... anybody know a fix? THX

Is there a way that a kext from ML will work in L??? Im not sure i wanna go L you know....

Guys I might be an idiot but I was able to boot ML... with KP(after blacklisting started) of course but still...

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