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Originally Posted by waseeamaria View Post
Hello everyone
Sorry for my Bad english

I've been in a problem "still waiting for root device i can't even boot the installing even once i m trying installation from week still no luck i tried to install snow leopard DVD Mac osx LION 10.7.3 both have same problem My Motherboard Bios just have option Sata Emulation I've being changing it in 3 options Lagacy IDE Mode, Native IDE Mode, AHCI RAID MODE but i cant bypass still waiting for rooot device

in Chameleon boot loader from dvd i typed this "Kernel Cache"=\amd arch=i386 npci=0x2000 cpus=1 rd=disk1s2 so i see the apple logo but after some mints i see Circle line and i got stuck on it please buddies help

Processor : AMD Phenom II x4 810
Motherboard: Hp Dc5850
HardDisk: Maxtor 300 GB SATA
RAM : 2 GB

Aucun démarrage direct avec Atlon/Phenom !!

Macmini early 2006 /blanGsak 10.7.2
Acer 8930 G / core2duo T6500 / NV 9600 GS m / Lion 10.7.3 / ML 10.8.2 / w7/8
Asus M5A97pro / FX 8350 / Asus HD 7950 CUII v2
GA-78LMT SP2 / FX 6100 / P x4 960t / Sapphire HD 4850 1024
MSI K9neo v1 / Atlon 4800+/ Gigabyte HD 5450 512
test kernel 12.0 AMD

Tuto :

CG opérationnelle : HD 5450 512 / HD 4850 1 / GT 610
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