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Originally Posted by lanceomni View Post

Please be more descriptive. For example:
Clicking icons does nothing visually and no error message is provided.
Icons bounce are begin to load but then stop and no error message is provided.
Apps try to run but fail and an Apple Error dialog appears.

In addition, check all applications. Reply with which applications do work?

Does Finder an/or Terminal work? If Terminal works, try the command;
uname -a

Finder and Terminal works ant the command that you told me to use works as well. All of the "common" apps like itunes work as well. The problem is that I can't get Kext Wizard or Kext Helper ( not sure if its supported in my distro ) to install any kexts. Any pacakges I download, will not install...for example I can download a package for my GTX 570. If I try to install it...It does nothing. My hard drive would not be visiable at all when it asks me to choose my location. I even tried mutli-beast. Same issue.

I actually checked my hard drive to see what type of access I had to only said Read Only access. I've been able to change this once or twice but its actually a pain trying to do so because when I press the padlock to unlock it and give me access to change permissions...nothing happens. I would either have to keep clicking the padlock for something to pop up or log out and log back in and HOPE it works. The same if I want to add or remove users.

I'm starting to think that I just have a bad copy or something..maybe I should just re-burn the disc and try again..or if theres another solution try that. I've tried EVYERTHING so far and this is the closest I've got with any distro that I've used.

I won't give up though..not when I'm this close.
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