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still please

Just a head's up..........seems that I finally was able to install 10.5.2 with dual boot vista. Not much else happening though after .............

17. When you are at the desktop, copy the OSX_Tools folder to your desktop (via CD, external drive, etc)
18. Open the OSX_Tools folder, open the Chameleon folder, and install Chameleon.
19. If you have one of the motherboards listed in the DSDT folder, copy the corresponding dsdt.aml file to the root of your hard drive. If not, go to the next step.
20. Open the DSDTPatcher Folder in the OSX_Tools folder. Launch the App in there
21. Select: New HPET Option, and Apply DSDT Patch to: on the right side. Select your OSX Hard Drive from the dropdown menu and click 'Run DSDT Patcher'

You will be prompted for your admin password. Enter it. This will generate the DSDT file that is needed for your motherboard. When it is done:

22. Quit the DSDT Patcher ................

All the above are not working or it appears not. I am able to use 'boot 132 disc' to get into either vista or osx after entering '80' at boot. Also the vista option shows 'windows ntfs' which prior to installing the Chamelon dsdt package only had hd(0,1). Sorry to go in such detail but it has been difficult getting any of this working. I noticed my first post was on 9/9/09, so I'm making headway. Again appreciate any help.
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