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Just went over to didgesign website to check the compatibility list.

It says "All Acer dual core laptops are not compatible"

Mine work flawlessly! Even the other day I had a 30+ track project I had to do rework on, with PT8, not even a hick-up !

So maybe they were just lazy and said "f*ck Acer, they're crap, have ten million models, so lets just blacklist the whole line to be on the safe side"

That is what it seems to me, īcos I've got one and it works!

And I'll say it again, I HATE acer in general, but the Gemstone series (or G series at the end of the number) are absolutely fabulous for high end usage. eSata, USB, expresscard (dual fw800 working perfect!), gfx performace... it is absolutely AMAZING, so if this ever get out, Digidesign, you guys are a bunch of lazy wankers that exploit the audio comjunity, and pretty soon you will perish in the deep pits of hell, along with all Windows developers.

I have spoken.


Acer 6936g 864G32mn [@ Snow Leopard 10.6.1 32/64bit
C2D 2,4Ghz 4Gb 1066mhz DDR3 9600m GT 512 GDDR3

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