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TechMeh !!

Well done good man! So soon, great contribution with the trackpad !

I am now soley on a Dell mini 10v running SL 10.6.2 with astonishing performance and not a single non-working issue. sleep, internal mic yadda yadda yadda.

SL is lightyears faster, smoother, better, rock solid... I see no reason why you dont have the resources for it! Just need a USB drive to boot, the files, and off you go! distro Leopard is harder to install than retail SL!

My tutorial looks bigger and tougher, but it is not ! Only quirk is audio, easy to fix with knowledge, time and patience. Or wait for new voodooHDA and stuff.

My multimedia works perfect! calls up Front Row and even controls it ! just be double sure to use latest Chameleon and ICH9 kexts on install (leopard).

Sometimes, I've read when investigating my HW and BIOS updates, even in Windoze, it freezes. you have to unplug the AC, remove the battery for 5 minutes, and boot up. Its a know 6935G bug that even the latest BIOS update doesnt seem to fix. But, I only flashed to fix the wrong system bus frequency usage (I think it locked at 800 not 1066)

The thing that REALLY annoys me is that this PC is incredibly potent for its class, but VT technology is purposedly disabled in BIOS by ACER, not manufacturer, and BIOS updates do NOT address this.

This does not permit you to virtualize in 64bit, which is a load of CRAP ! I was SO looking forward to use this, one of the main reasons I'm abandoning this laptop. I know there is a workaround, but I am in no way reverse engineering the BIOS code like some tutorials around...

anyways, bla bla bla.... sorry


Acer 6936g 864G32mn [@ Snow Leopard 10.6.1 32/64bit
C2D 2,4Ghz 4Gb 1066mhz DDR3 9600m GT 512 GDDR3

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