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okay so ive done a bit of searching around and ive come up with this. now unfortunatly i dont actually have my new laptop yet its estimated delivery date is the 14th of janurary! >> but that gives me time to do abit of reasearch

so far as an idea without actually trying ive come u with this (which is just a guess)

Bootloader: Chameleon v2

chipset: not really sure maybe intel ICHx SATA Drivers?

Other Drivers: Just Sata Patch, NTFS3G

kernel: i think is vanilla

Sound: Audio HP_DV5_IDT_V2

wireless: AppleAirPortBrcm4311.kext with Dev ID inserted

Usb: usb patched

Power: Voodoo Battery - Sleep Enabler - FakeSMC

Trackpad + keypad: VoodooPS2 Controller with VoodooPS2Trackpad also placed into /S/L/E
(dont really understand that yet)

Graphics: ive heard is not supported but have seen two ways of perhaps doing it
first being: Graphics Enabler and Dev ID inserted into ATIRadeonX2000.kext and ATI4500Controller.kext
second being: i've forgotten but ill have a search round see if i cant find it :P

so far thats what ive got as an idea any input would be greatly apreciated thanks
oh and if this is now in the wrong forum please let me know and ill move it i dont really know were to put it :P thanks!

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