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I did listen to your advice but couldn’t find a laptop meeting the graphics requirements as well as getting all the other components supported (with the little amount of knowledge i had about components supported and the osx86 wiki) this seemed like a pretty reasonable choice at the time got to admit kind of a rushed decision because it was a boxing day deal and was dirt cheap.

thank you ever so much for the driver that’s fantastic i was getting quite worried about drivers for graphics that'll be a big help

as for the laptop i still haven’t got it! ive finally got a date given to me which is Tuesday hopefully should get to play with it then

whiles ive got u another thing that is worrying me is dsdt.aml patching that seems to me like a massive pain ive been speaking on another forum to somebody about it and it just seems quite involved so if u had any input on that topic that would be really appreciated. Thanks

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