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Originally Posted by odin1937 View Post
download andy's upx from here or any other ready to use upx:

Then put it in your usr/bin/ folder.

Then use the command upx to pack pbs which is located in /System/Library/CoreServices.

The packing - compressing can be done with many commands , such as : upx -9 . which means compress better , or --ultra--brute , or --force e.t.c.

So in the terminal area type : upx -9 "here just drag the pbs binany on terminal" and hit enter.
Thank you very much for your explanation.

But I have no luck with this kernel anyway.

Using nawcom legacy kernel I'm able to run my hackintosh pretty good. The only problem is I must use following flags:

Some people said that this combination is strange, and no good, but my system won't boot without it.

With AnV kernel I must use same flags to boot + several programs does not work, including iTunes, Smultron, Little Snitch, etc...

Anyone has idea on how to avoid mentioned kernel flags?

-AMD Phenom II X6 1090T
-16GB DDR3 1333
-Asus GTX-460
-OSX 10.6.7
-Chameleon build752
-Legacy Kernel 10.7.0
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