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GringoVermelho@InsanelyMac said:
Using those flags together normally causes a rift in the time-space continuum that will suck in all living tissue. You're lucky to be alive.

"arch=i386 -force64" forces OS X to run in 32-bit kernel and drivers mode but enables OS X to use the EM64T instruction set of the CPU.
It's an odd combination of flags.

arch=i386 is not necessary when using a Voodoo based (aka legacy) kernel because it runs in 32-bit mode by default.

-force64 is never required, it's an override for 64-bit capable AMD CPUs and pre-Core Microarchitecture Intel CPUs that are running a voodoo based kernel. Some systems will not be able to boot when using -force64, some people will not able to run (some or any) 32-bit apps at all; in other words, it's not enabled by default for a reason.

If you aren't using a Voodoo based Kernel, -force64 does nothing.
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