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NVCAP Help - 7700 Go 512MB

Hello everyone. I'm having a problem getting my Asus G1/7700 GO to display on the DVI port. I was able to get QE/CI working in iDeneb 10.5.8 Vanilla by using NVinstaller .52 and selecting the Mobile/Go option. I can't get it to display through my DVI port to my external monitor though. I plug in the monitor and the internal laptop screen flashes blue for a second, as if it is detecting the external display, but my external display never receives any signal.

I've tried editing my NVCAP by extracting my Video BIOS rom using GPU-Z [in windows] and then using NVCAP Maker 1.4 to generate an NVCAP.

The NVCAP string it produces is:


I've edited the plist and replaced the NVCAP value. It yields the same results though.

My video card has three external ports. It has one VGA, one DVI, and one S-Video/Proprietary Nvidia port.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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