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OS X won't re-install

I have a Compaq computer, and I did a system restore and it restored over my OS X directory.

I did a few reinstalls from iPC Live x86 and they have failed. Booting OSX results in a system reboot, or a waiting for device, or waiting for network.

I'm frustrated! Before, it wouldn't boot off the HD, and I had to boot the install CD and then launch OSX. Right now, I would be happy if I could get back to that even.

Tiger: G4 PowerPC Dual Core 400 Mhz w/640 MB RAM
20 Gig ATA HD all HFS+
Internal DVD
Access to Server
True Tiger

Leopard: Acer Intel Atom Dual Core@1.6Ghz w/1 Gig Ram
160GB HD-133GB NTFS, 15.68GB HFS+
SD slot
No Net access
iDeneb 1.6 Lite

Compaq SR5710F DualCore@2.3Ghz w/3 Gigs Ram
80 Gig ATA HD (NTFS - Vista)
200 Gig ATA HD (NTFS-Data)
Access to Server

Server: Compaq 1.8 Single Core Windows Server 2003 Enterprise Edition
~2 TB online....
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