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Originally Posted by xXrkidXx View Post
Pop in your distro(I.E. iPC or your retail disc)
Reformat the hardrive. Dick Utility, Select Drive, Erase and re Partition
Continue your install.
And boot it up!
You said something about not being able to boot without the disc.. well Google for Chameleon 2 RC4 Installer. Then Download and run the packedge, no need for installer disc to boot.
I'm sorry to say, that the iPC Live disk that I'm using now is the same one I used to install it last time, and I have re-partitioned the drive.

I either get a waiting for device, (Tried several re=diskXsX commands with the same result) the computer just reboots without any info as to why, or it locks up (hard) when detecting netwerking...

Tiger: G4 PowerPC Dual Core 400 Mhz w/640 MB RAM
20 Gig ATA HD all HFS+
Internal DVD
Access to Server
True Tiger

Leopard: Acer Intel Atom Dual Core@1.6Ghz w/1 Gig Ram
160GB HD-133GB NTFS, 15.68GB HFS+
SD slot
No Net access
iDeneb 1.6 Lite

Compaq SR5710F DualCore@2.3Ghz w/3 Gigs Ram
80 Gig ATA HD (NTFS - Vista)
200 Gig ATA HD (NTFS-Data)
Access to Server

Server: Compaq 1.8 Single Core Windows Server 2003 Enterprise Edition
~2 TB online....
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