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Originally Posted by xXrkidXx View Post
Root Device- You didn't install drivers for your chipset.
Reboot- You didn't select a kernel compatible with your comp
Network- No idea..
Can somebody tell me the drivers I need for my chipset? I got this right the first try before with knowing very little about what I was doing. Now, I'm thinking about what I'm clicking and trying to use what I have learned with poor results...

The kernel is another area where I'm lost...Every install, I've used AMD compatable kernels...

Netwerk, If I can run my HacIntosh, I'd be happy if limited to just this machine, as I have 2 sets of NTFS drivers that give me read-write access to a 500GB of data...

Tiger: G4 PowerPC Dual Core 400 Mhz w/640 MB RAM
20 Gig ATA HD all HFS+
Internal DVD
Access to Server
True Tiger

Leopard: Acer Intel Atom Dual Core@1.6Ghz w/1 Gig Ram
160GB HD-133GB NTFS, 15.68GB HFS+
SD slot
No Net access
iDeneb 1.6 Lite

Compaq SR5710F DualCore@2.3Ghz w/3 Gigs Ram
80 Gig ATA HD (NTFS - Vista)
200 Gig ATA HD (NTFS-Data)
Access to Server

Server: Compaq 1.8 Single Core Windows Server 2003 Enterprise Edition
~2 TB online....
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