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Snow kitty on Acer Aspire One D250-1Bb.


After days of trying to get my Dell DW1510 wireless card to work on this laptop i finally have it cracked!!!.

I installed Snow leopard on this machine, which was lets face it SIMPLE with all the guides floating about.

I actually used the netbook installer (google) to install took about 45mins from my USB HDD. (start-finish).

The biggest problem like i said was the wireless. The only way i managed to get it to work was by actually removing pin 20 on the PCIe slot where the atheroes5007EG wifi card was located.

As simple tapeing pin 20 was having no effect what so ever, I suggest if you want to use anther operating system you don't remove pin 20. I did because i love hackint0sh so much, and before you ask i did buy my copy of snow leopard!.

Any questions or help??.

The floor is now over to you!!


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