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Hi illuminarias,

Welcome to InfiniteMac board and enjoy your stay here.

Regarding torrent links and things like that it is always important to read the forum rules but most of the people just skip that part. Did you take a quick look ;-)

Ok, back to your rig. All you need is just the distro. Its creator (definitely) included the bootloader through the install options. Sometimes even several bootloaders are there so you can pick the one you want. Note spalek83's post, very well explained in short, and very much true.
Before selecting the distro you'd like to try, its always good to consult the osx86 wiki, this forum, other forums about your motherboard compatibility, the processor etc. Try to find out the chipset your mobo is based on as its very important for selecting the right option for controllers (sata/ide drives). Again, note spale83's post. Try to select only the required options while customizing the installer, try to minimize it. Pick only those things you're sure you need them. Everything can be added later. Make sure to select the right combination and you can boot it after installing and reach the desktop. Once there it will be much easier to add other required stuff, tweak the system some more. There are lots of guys willing to help over here and you'll be leaded all the way to nice and stable working rig.

Good luck dude ;-)

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