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[Solved] AMD Dual Core Timing Issue AKA Mouse Bug

After some time in MacOS mouse stops to move as it should be. The cursor is being moved on a very small distance with significant delay. One time this was fixed on its own but mostly I have to spawn iterm with spotlight and reboot.
Applies only to movemet, buttons/scrolling works perfectly.
Applies to al mice in system: touchpad, usb mouse, bluetooth mouse.

Any ideas?

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Addendum by R0GUE
To summarise this for future reference; it is not a 'mouse bug' per se, but a dual core timing issue.
Symptoms include:
Mouse lag - early signs are drag and drop inaccuracies, trail skipping
GUI lag - Finder window movement becomes choppy and acceleration degrades
Random restarts - caused by the 'divide by zero' error resulting in kernel panic
-10810 error - applications will not start until a restart or log out/in
increased CPU fan noise and temperatures - due to dual core synchronisation errors
general erratic behaviour - system feels sluggish, unresponsive at times

Remedy (Temporary)
Boot using the 'cpus=1' kernel flag - this can be done at the beginning of each boot at the Darwin boot prompt, or permanently by editing the which can be found in: /Library/Preferences/SystemConfiguration/

Addendum by Naquaada

This error must not affect all Dual-Core systems, they can work without problems. The most Photoshop users have this issue, maybe the software installes something what an AMD Dual-Core cpu doesn't like, Adobe software needs a lot of resources and makes various changes in the operating system.
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