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farcaller, i believe you have the same problem that i and numerous others are experiencing. does your mouse also jump around a bit too? that is what happens for me (and others). i've also noticed that the GUI is actually a lot more laggy too (window animation, dock animation, etc). as of yet, there is no known cause or solution to this problem. as far as i know, it is not memory timing because my memory (as well as others i've talked to) are set to stock settings. leopard may be different, but I have to say that this was never an issue for me in tiger. what's even more annoying is no one is acknowledging this as a "real" problem, which is very frustrating because it IS a "real" problem, as it means at least one reboot every day. and, as a side note, rebooting is also very frustrating for me because i suffer from the sound volume back-to-default-level-on-reboot issue that other people are also not considering a "real" problem. well, all i can say is good luck getting help with this. if you do, let me know.

specs, once more:
ASUS A8N-SLI Premium NF4
AMD 3800+
1GB DDR2 400
evga 8800GT 512mb
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