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Originally Posted by grahfex View Post
Not too sure what I'm not doing right..searched over the internet for every possible answer.

here are my specs

ASUS Sabertooth 990FX Motherboard
AMD FX 8-Core Processor 3.60Ghz
16GB DDR3 RAM AMD Performance Edition
EVGA GeForce GTX 570

I can't get the installation to start at all. Pretty weird though.
I've seen similar problems on different forums about this issue. Just wondering if anybody had the same issue and if so how did you go about solving it.
I've searched this forum and others so if there's something I missed please let me know so I can search again. Hopefully theres a fix..or something.

Thanks in advance!

hello ,

you tried it ? how ?

Macmini early 2006 /blanGsak 10.7.2
Acer 8930 G / core2duo T6500 / NV 9600 GS m / Lion 10.7.3 / ML 10.8.2 / w7/8
Asus M5A97pro / FX 8350 / Asus HD 7950 CUII v2
GA-78LMT SP2 / FX 6100 / P x4 960t / Sapphire HD 4850 1024
MSI K9neo v1 / Atlon 4800+/ Gigabyte HD 5450 512
test kernel 12.0 AMD

Tuto :

CG opérationnelle : HD 5450 512 / HD 4850 1 / GT 610
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