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Thanks for your suggestion. I have succeeded in installing MAC on my system with Nawcom+ retail OS X 10.6

LAN : working fine
AUDIO : works too
QE/CI : video crashes while playing,mouse flickers; resolution:1024x768
RAM detected : 2 GB DDR2
processor : AMD phenom II 555 single core

&vrequired nawcom bootcd to log in into MAC

updated with 10.6.7 combo_update and installed legacy_kernel 10.6.6
reboots without nawcom boot cd
LAN :not recognised
AUDIO : HD audio detected
QE/CI: not working
RAM detected : 4 GB DDR2
processor : AMD phenom II 555 (2 cores)

Tried: NVenabler.kext,NVinject.kext,Graphic enabler=yes for in-built Graphics NVIDIA Geforce7025 (256MB) card

Found: nForce 0.62.13 kext for nForce630a Ethernet bult-in

Can you help with the graphics ??
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