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DELL D620/630/830 kext pack

Hi guys,
here is the kext pack for your DELL D620/630/830 machines.

Originally Posted by slic View Post
Hi all,
I'm back even with better english so I corrected the first post.
All links are still up (and they will be...thanks ).
Btw. I switched to MacBook Pro 13...
Download X3100 installer here:

Download NVIDIA installer here:

All fetaures are working now
With this pack all features of DELL D620/630/830 laptops are working now.
Sleep mode, GPU, clamshell, display dimming etc.

Information for old pack users:
Please delete VoodooPS2Controller.kext and AppleAcpiPS2Controller before you install new pack.

Chameleon 2 RC3 integrated:
Yes, Chameleon 2 RC3 is integrated in pack. If you don't need chameleon uncheck it in Customize menu.

Some tips:
This pack is optimized for fresh installs.
Install it after your first boot. Just a few clicks, restart and all hardware will work!

Intel wifi driver soon
Most D620/630/830 users have Intel WIFI 3945.
It is developed under projectcamphor.

Possible issues:
Touchpad is extremely sensitive
This is because the daemon is triggered.
Download this file
and copy it to /Users/USERNAME/Library/LaunchAgents/
or run it from terminal by command ffscrolldaemon
You can try to create new User Dameon with Lingon App (download here )

USB ports aren't working
Go into BIOS and set
Power Managment > USB Wake support > Enabled

Slow shutdown/reboot/sleep
I noticed that AppleBCM5751Ethernet.kext causes slow rebooting.
If your machine is shutting down/rebooting very slow and if you don't need ethernet connection remove this kext.

X3100 Pack Files:
[64BIT] AppleACPIBatteryManager Battery meter in menubar
[32BIT] AppleBCM5751Ethernet Network card
[64BIT] fakesmc This is better compensation for dsmos.kext. If you have DSMOS.kext remove it before install this!
[64BIT] NullCPUPowerManagement Fix for Intel Power Managment Kernel Panic
[64BIT] OpenHaltRestart Fix for Shutdown/Restart problems
[32BIT] FFScroll AppleACPIPS2Nub and ApplePS2Controller Touchpad and keyboard. Why 32bit? This kexts works excellent with FFScroll touchpad driver!
[64BIT] IOATAFamily Fix for IOATAFamyli kernel panic and get works dvdrom.
[64BIT] legacySTAC9205 Codec for sound card. (For AppleHDA )
[64BIT] SleepEnabler Fix for sleep
smbios.plist Optimized hw info
DSDT.aml Intel GMA X3100 GFX, Sleep, Clamshell and many other hw features

NVIDIA Pack Files:
[64BIT] + Natit Nvidia Quadro GFX

X3100 sources:
NVIDIA sources:
Old X3100 pack:
Old NVIDIA pack:


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