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Dont fix Touchpad unless you have to..

"Touchpad is extremely sensitive
This is because the daemon is triggered.
Download this file
and copy to /Users/USER/Library/LaunchAgents/"

My system was really unstable and I couldn't run SL more than 30 minutes without programs beginning to not respond. I found out it was because of the above.. that file was overloading my ram after a while. In process manager it was listed over 20 times. I guess I didn't need it, my mouse isn't that sensitive anyways.

Deleted the file from Launch Agents and it works amazing now.

Laptop: Dell D630 w/Docking Station
OS: SL 10.6.1
Ram: 4GB
GPU: Quadro 135m
Wifi: RTL8187SE
Audio: Sigmatel 9205
Not Working: Built in Ethernet (don't need it) and primary wifi card (not yet supported)
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