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Originally Posted by eXpresion View Post
Hi blacklabelsktr2,
I have this issue too ! Its because of the ffscrolldaemon, its getting started many many times so the system gets out of memory. If I type "killall -9 ffscrolldaemon" in the terminal I can use the system again....

Does anybody knows how to fix this ?
As picture shown here:
I'm beginning to wonder if unchecking "Keep it running at all times" would be a fix, or if that would cause your keyboard and mouse stop functioning all together. I'm too afraid to try things like this out. Somewhere on google I thought I saw a page in reference to the -10810 error, where someone came up with a solution to limit the process to only running 5 active processes (I forget where I saw this.) But this could also be a solution.
Maybe another way could be to rewrite FFScroll completely, but I won't think that would solve the issue really. If interested in trying though see here:

Like I said, I haven't actually tried any of them out. Just trying to research to find best solution.

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