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Working now

After much difficulty this kext pack is now mostly working for me (only the trackpad fails). One of the big issues was that the video drivers for GMAX3100 did not work...perhaps they are only good for WXGA and not WXGA+ like I have. In any case, a generous soul provided working drivers in this post:

Another key to success was that (using Chameleon 2 RC3) having extensions in /Extra behaved differently from having them in /System/Library/Extensions. I moved everything to /S/L/E/.

Also note that, while I'm not sure of the necessity of having done so, I booted in Linux, dumped and decompiled the DSDT, edited in the "usual" ways, and recompiled it. I basically followed what you see in the link below:

Dell D630 Bios A16 OSX 10.6.1 Snow Leopard
2.0 GHz T7300 4MB Cache C2D - Working (both cores)
2 GB RAM - Working
GMA X3100 Graphics Card, WXGA+ 1440x900 - Working (+QE/CI)
Dell Wireless 1390 Card - Working
Broadcom NetXtreme 5755M Gigabit Ethernet - Working
Sigmatel 9205 Sound Card - Working
PS/2 Keyboard - Mostly Working, Not Recognized
PS/2 Trackpad - Not Working
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