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Originally Posted by sad_nomad View Post
I have D630, running 10.6. how safe is to update the laptop to 10.6.2?
any advice ? thanks!
I mentioned this data a few posts ago.
Basically, updating is safe, just make sure you delete the SleepEnabler.kext before rebooting or you won't be able to get it working again easily. Let me know if you are confused by my posts, it late here, so I'm kind of tired. I'll try and clear up the instructions if needed.

You may need to re-apply some kexts after update depending on your config.
I also decided to use an older version of the boot loader which fixed my usb and bluetooth from dropping out. I never made my own dst.aml file.. so this was a work around for me. To use the older version I just copied the boot file from the link below onto my current drive..

Now I updated from 10.6.1 to 10.6.2, but I don't see any trouble if you go straight from 10.6.0 to 10.6.2 as long as you delete that SleepEnabler before reboot.

Originally Posted by blacklabelsktr2 View Post
I tried the 10.6.2 Update through Apple Update. Deleted and replaced SleepEnabler.kext before rebooting. Seemed to update fine. However, when rebooting, it seems as though USB and Audio (and even bluetooth) no longer work. I applied the original kexts.. but no success with getting them working again. Anyone else experience this or know the fix?


How I fixed my problem after the 10.6.2 update..this is odd, but it worked for me..
First I made a copy of my screwd up SL install to a USB. Then:
1. Went to: (dang it, I copied the url wrong, so it wont work. For the boot file I'm using.. try this instead.. )
and downloaded Bootloader2. Installed the included Charmeleon 1 Installer to the USB drive, Copied included Boot to USB Drive /Volumes Folder.
2. Re-installed original Audio kexts from original D630 Package in this post (the original one, before the installer) Followed Included Directions on adding the VoodoHDA Helper and preferences.
The USB copy now has bluetooth working, audio, and USB again!!! I'm going to either do the same to my main drive or just clone it over.

Update: As mentioned in step 1.. The boot file included with that fixed almost all my issues.. It runs even better than before.. USB and Bluetooth work everytime now.. whereas before they would stop working every once in a while.

If you restart and have issues with your graphics resolution.. I just reinstalled the D630 installer package (uncheck option for reinstalling chameleon and then I used HelperKext to add SleepEnabler.kext and Natit.kext back in (to overwrite the existing bad ones).
my current specs (my profile wont let me update my sig for some reason)
Got a wifi card that works with airport! - the same card in the current mbp's
running 10.6.2
Everything working except for Sleep and Restart (also I don't think secondary monitor works..haven't tried it.)

Laptop: Dell D630 w/Docking Station
OS: SL 10.6.1
Ram: 4GB
GPU: Quadro 135m
Wifi: RTL8187SE
Audio: Sigmatel 9205
Not Working: Built in Ethernet (don't need it) and primary wifi card (not yet supported)

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