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Originally Posted by osxfr33k View Post
Thanks for keeping this project going. Many thanks for sharing your work. Would this DSDT.aml and kexts work on a D830 2.4GHZ Nvidia Graphics card probably the same card as the D630? If not what do I need to replace? DSDT? If so do you know where I can grab a DSDT for the D830 to work with all the Kexts from your package and Snow 10.6.3?

I know there are other Threads on other newsgroups with guides etc but not sure which one to go with if you know hat I mean?

Thanks again!!


I just relaized its actually the 2.6 GHZ T9500 Processor.

SHould I extract my DSDT using the Ubuntu Live 9.04 and change the Script in the CPU sections and the Ram Memory sections? Anywhere else that might need to be changed?

Anyone have a DSDT for the same Laptop configuration?

Nvidia 140M
T7800 (2.6GHZ)
4GB Ram

I have a Dell wireless that is competlety compatible with Snow kexts but do I need to add any script to the DSDT for that?

Same with the Audio I think its an 9205 Sigmatel is that the same as in the D630?

Hi, I have dell d630 with intel gma graphic card, so my dsdt.aml is for intel based laptop dell d630/830, but there are two kind of dell d630/d830 laptop. 1) with intel graphic card x3100 and 2) with nvidia graphic card.
If you have dell d830 with nvidia card, try to nvidia kext pack from Slic. Look at first page of this topic.

And sigmatel audio work with voodooHDA.kext for snow leopard.
Dell wireless may work natively, you don not need edit dsdt.aml for correct working your wireless card.

Dell Latitude e6500
CPU: Intel C2D T9600 @ 2,8GHz / 1066MHz / 6MB
RAM: 4GB DDR2 800 MHz
VGA: NVidia Quadro NVS 160M 256MB
Sound: (working voodooHDA)
WLAN: Dell Wireless 1510 abgn @ BCM4328
LAN:' Intel
HDD: Samsung SSD 128MB SATA-II
Screen: 15,4" 1920x1200@60Hz
Snow @ 10.6.7

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