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Currently I have stopped tweaking my laptop. School has started and I am happy with the way mine is. When more work is being done in the community and I find some time, I will try to refine the little details.

For SD, you can try to put in the card with the computer powered off, the booting. Doesnt always work, but I have managed once or twice.

Audio is working fine here. Except "mic in". I have a pretty good idea how to fix it, but I tried compulsively for 2 straight weeks before school started. Had irrecuperable KP's all the time and had to re-install from scratch many times. It envolves DSDT and AppleHDA patching which is really complicated. I now understand what I was doing wrong, but I don't have the heart to do it now. I have it all nice and set up for productivity. If Voodoo team bring out newer voodoohda, I will try them.

For fakesmc, find the kext (you can download my kext pack), copy it to Extra/Extensions. Then delete dsmos.kext from Extra/Extension. Then run Kext Utility, then Repair Permissions, and reboot.


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