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dsdt works like this, more or less in simple terms,

Bios <-> DSDT <-> Operating System

It is a table of code, extracted from specific Bios information, not only generic (how much RAM) but specific to graphic memory, audio card special features, sleep mode and lot of extra.

OSx reads Bios made for Mac, so dsdt is a little different for PCs, but highly compatible.

You can open up the dsdt and fix all the issues, that part is a bit tricky, but not dangerous at all.

So, unfortunately, yes, you have to make your own dsdt.

But, since our systems are so very similar, most our issues will be the same, so we can share the code for you to fix it too. But you will have to manually insert it yourself.

Unfortunately I have no idea when I will the time and courage to start this task...


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