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Glad to hear it! But what do you mean, you have mic in now?

Yes, I changed the AZAL entry to HDEF, so that AppleHDA (patched) or Voodoo recognize it.

No, it doesn't mean we have the same model ( I dont have blue-ray, graphic specs are very different for instance 1GB gddr2 vs 512 gddr3)) but since it so close, it worked... For instance, your audio might have worked but could be left without graphics.

Imagine you used a dsdt from another brand or entirely different Acer line, you might not be able to even boot

great news!

EDIT: Oh, ok I understand now, you have audio just like with your own original dsdt. That is to be expected, as with Chameleon and special kexts, most of modern computers work 95%. It is the special features that fail, like wake/sleep/hiberbation, microfone/spif 5.1, external monitor or HDMI, ethernet for some people, etc... For that, you have to manually patch your dsdt


Acer 6936g 864G32mn [@ Snow Leopard 10.6.1 32/64bit
C2D 2,4Ghz 4Gb 1066mhz DDR3 9600m GT 512 GDDR3

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