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I'm running into a few issues here, mainly with creating the USB installer.
I don't have access to any machines running (snow) leopard, and i can't create a virtual environment within windows 7 or ubuntu because i can't enable hardware acceleration without modding the bios.
I have a 6935g, more or less the same internals as the one you're using.
However, i do have an old dual usb ibook g3 running tiger, so i didn't think creating the usb would be a problem. I used your guide to creating the installer word for word, but my laptop never seems to want to boot off the usb even with the bios set to boot from it.
I'm just wondering where i'm going wrong, i thought i went wrong by leaving the partition scheme as "apple partition map" so i created the usb again using "Master Boot Record" thinking that'd solve my problem, but it didn't, and for some strange reason, the ibook just hangs when i try to use GUID as a partition scheme, although it didn't when i partitioned the seagate drive i'll be using to install os x onto.
One strange thing i noticed while creating the installer, is when i got as far as installing Chameleon 2 onto the usb, it didn't create an "extra" folder, even when all files were made visible.

Sorry for the long post, but do you've any idea where i'm going wrong?
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