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Originally Posted by danenzxl View Post
finally got sleep fully working
...instal sleepenabler.kext 10.6.4(no need for k.flag pmVersiom)
sleep fully working on 64 bit mode org kernel darwin10.4.0,for video and audio pick nvenabler and voodoohda-on wake everything working no probl.
now only thing not working for me is internal microfone and card reader
latest VoodoHDA 2.7.2 gives me internal mic (for first time) on my Acer 6920g, you can try. now comes with a nice installer/updater package
no luck at all for my card reader (have tried many) but my solution for now is an Expresscard adapter card reader (cheap generic one off ebay) which sits flush in the otherwise unused slot. in my original (non-working) card reader i keep an SD to micro SD adapter so all is well

i have the sleep enabler 10.6.4 but when i try to sleep it instantly wakes. i think there is a kext which is loaded to do just that, anyone tell me which one it is so i can disable it to try sleep?
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