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i also used this method to update to Lion. i had some trouble at first, but after 30 minutes of messing around, i figured it out.

i had these files in my extra folder before hand in snow leopard:
(if you use this, remember to cater it to your own hardware such as the graphic card string in the boot.plist)

i installed multibeast first to change to mac3,1 since i couldnt install lion with my mac11,1 profile.

After Installing Lion from appstore and rebooting, i installed multibeast again to change my bootloader and other stuff.

I used multibeast with these options checked:

system utilities
Chimera v1.5.4 r1394
PCI configuration fix
changed system definition to macpro 3,1
osx86 software

Then i just followed step 2 to 4 from the link above. i had some trouble booting the installer partition, so what i did was: put a nullCPUpowermanagement kext (google) in the boot drive partition (kext folder) and i also copied the extra folder to the installer partition. I dont know if it was the nullCPUpowermanagement.kext in the kext folder that made it work or putting the EXTRA folder in the "installer" partition. After installing Lion, i updated my kext with JaE-V's kext folder: (Just the kext folder, not the whole EXTRA folder)

*really messy way to install Lion...., but im just posting to remind myself next time if i mess up my install.

BIOS:E758_SZ2Z Motherboard:EVGA x58 132-BL-E758-A1 CPU:Intel Core i7 920 @ 4.0 GHz OS:Snow Leopard 10J567:x64 Vanilla Memory:24 GB G.skill DDR3 1333 MHz HDD:10 x 1TB Western Digital Caviar Black Graphics Card:EVGA Geforce GTX480 1536 mb Monitor:Dell Ultrasharp 2408WFP Rev. A02 Audio: Onboard

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