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Originally Posted by eski View Post
There is a easiest way for this motherbord with the MacLoader_SL.
I have the same mobo
Take a look here (you need translate greek to english)
In the same disk with win7, ideneb10.5.8 with chamaleon RC658 (>1TB disk support)

@ Eski,

Well im really sorry for trying to give back to the community. Please shows us the guides you have made to help people, I made this guide specific for this board based on my own experiences for other people to benefit from my mistakes,

I will of course think of myself in future, and just keep my experiences to my self!!

Maybe people like to try the non NOOB way and actually learn, Any way thanks (Dick).

@ Monaco78,


Thanks for the info this will most likely help a lot of people including myself, Nice one. << These are the kind of post we like to see, HELPFULL!!, lol.
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