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Originally Posted by mitchde View Post
Whats this with that UUIDs of the USB boot drive.
Once it had for booting to install SL on an other partition.
Then boot again from usb to boot the installed SL from HD.
But before that booting delete the uuid (of usb).
Whats happen if the uuid on the USB stays ( not deleted) at the first booting from USB > F8 > select SL HD ?
i didnt quite understand what you mean but ill try my best to answer it

- for some reason the USB installer will kernel panic a few seconds after installing if the UUID is not present, it will boot fine except when you press install on your drive same as arsonwells above.

- on first boot if uuid is present of the USB drive (i deleted it in leopard before booting), snow leopard will stall, it will not continue to boot since chameleon booted the usb's uuid.

- basically i didnt need to install another chameleon to my 2nd partition since i already have a running leopard (hidden EFI) on first so i just copy the Extra folder and add uuid's so chameleon can load the specific extensions folder, but if you plan on installing snow on a seperate drive and plan to make it as a primary boot you can skip the uuid's and just install chameleon/EFI totally disregarding leopard.

edit: this is the kernel panic im talking about, this happens a few seconds after snow is installing. To avoid it be sure boot-uuid is present on the usb's boot.plist and platformuuid's info.plist

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