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Thanks !
Really good step by step guide !!!
I ask about UUID because i have already an working SL A421 on an HD partition.
Has HIS own UUID in boot.plist.
Now i want to boot from it (like USB guide) to install A432 from that OSXInstall.mprg (modded for MBR).
For my understanding:
I leave that UUID (A432 UUID HD) for booting to install A432 on an clean HD partition on other HD.
But what then:
You second boot also to USB but select A432 installed partition to boot further.
Must i delete that UUID on my A421 for that second boot (in bootloader, not A421) into A432 ? You tell that.

I mean that last boot from USB into new A432:
Lets Make it Bootable: now this is very important because on first boot chameleon will automatically choose 64bit as default, and in my experience it kernel panicked immediately so we need to boot it first to 32bit, yours may vary so try 64bit immediately if you want.

- lets leave the never booted snow partition for a while
- make sure that your Leopard partition is on Chameleon RC1 + 10.1 coz this will be our main bootloader, if so boot Leopard partition again.
- go to 8GBsnow extra's boot.plist and delete the boot-uuid entry leaving the Kernel Flags empty


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