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I was successfull following this guide to get SL up and running with kalyway 10.5.2 on another partition. The screen resolution wasn't correct and in profile it didn't recognize my video card. I installed EFI studio to fix this choosing my card. The software update offered additional updates and programs, which I declined and I might note saw in this process 'connecting to apple' which I had not noticed with the 10.5.2 verison that has has been installed numerous times in the last months attempting to get a working 'es2l ver2'. After restart I noticed during that process the cpu multiplier 10.5..........never before that, 8 normal, the 'my hack' screen with bootloader options.......kalyway1052, SL,slinstaller. I then choose SL only to get screen 'power button/restart' message in various languages with very large circle and line.......similar to those ' no left turn', etc. I'm used to seeing. The kicker is that after trying to restart and to use 'kalway1052' doesn't work..........going into bios the system has been reset to defaults.After making adjustments then booting into '1052' which is fine.Seems that when SL crashes it changes bios back to defaults. Any ideas or suggestions would be great. Thanks.

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