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Originally Posted by brfransen View Post
Thanks to this thread and all the great contributions I have my ES2L R2.0 FC BIOS, E6300 OC'ed to 3.4GHz, 4GB RAM, 9500GT 512MB, PCI TrendNet Ethernet (due to no driver for the R2.0 onboard Ethernet), and PCI Firewire all working great! Everything I have tried so far, including audio and sleep works. I haven't tried automatic sleep but manual works fine and I never used automatic sleep in the past.

I used Conti's myHack 1.0 RC4 to install. Then I extracted my DSDT and compiled and found some errors. I fixed those using the DSDTSE Fixes Menu and then changed the RTC section as sk1nhd33t instructed and added the Method DTGP. For audio I used only the LegacyALC883.kext provided in the ES2L Kit sk1nhd33t linked in the first post of this thread and then modified my DSDT to remove the "Sound AZALIA" section and replace it with coconup's DSDT HDEF code. I also added the DSDT USB sleep fix and System Profiler now shows all my USB 2.0 Buses as Built-in.

For those that may be interested I have attached my dsdt.dst.

Thanks to all those who have contributed.

Great to hear your install is a success. I still can only boot with the 'installation usb drive' inserted and 'boot 1st' option ' in my bios. After that I'm able to eject and all seems well with operating system,,,,,,,,sound, sleep,cmos reset fixed,etc. Any idea how to correct this? Also the overclocking would be nice to try. Same processor. Any settings advice would be appreciated.Thanks
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