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Snow on LG R480 - all good

Hi, installed 10.6.0 on LG R480. i used retail and myHack, only needed cpu=1 to get past missing root prob.
mostly working oob, replaced pcie wifi with generic chinese broadcom and recognised and working after 2 reboots
i needed different IOPCIFamily.kext and IOUSBFamily.kext to get usb working. voodoohda got sound.
i am sure that the webcam worked in photobooth after install but now the webcam (lgwebcam) shows up but only get blank screen
soooo.... what is most likely to have stopped the webcam working, or, what actually drives it?
i will make another partition and clean load again but any help would be great.

EDIT: clean reload, replaced voodoohda with different one, rebooted a few times and everything working, sound, wireless, ethernet, webcam, full graphics, usb and even card reader. great hack

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