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Originally Posted by Lacedaemon View Post
Hey guys,

I've been working on this for a few weeks, maybe a month on this. I've been trying to follow this guide:

Since my mobo is the same and my CPU is similar to his, I figured it would run smoothly. However, I was wrong; The USB doesn't detect anything other than my mouse and keyboard, and my audio, AirPort, and Ethernet all don't work. I know I need the kexts for them (and I have no idea what kexts to get), but I my primary objective at this point is to get it booting on it's own (without a boot CD; Currently only able to access via nawcom's modCD). The problem I'm having is a mysterious error during boot; It's telling me that there's an "inconsistency" with "rdisk0s2", and to run "fsck_hfs" manually. I have already run this multiple times as I've reinstalled multiple times, thinking that is was an installation error. This was not the case, though; fsck_hfs detects "rdisk0s2" to be OK. When booting from the Chameleon bootloader on the USB drive I installed from, it will shutdown the PC; When booting from the Chameleon loader I managed to slip in via CD-ROM, it loops this error that I forgot, but can provide if necessary.

My specs can be found here:

Any help would be really appreciated, I kinda regret wiping my HD now, since I'm completely stuck...

OK never mind about the above problem, I got it working by simply adding the "-force64" boot flag to my (thanks Unrealized). Everything seems to be working, except my QE/CI. I already tried adding the "PCIRootUID=0,1 flag to my, NVEnabler64.kext, and a bunch of other guides that did not amount to any success. Can anyone help, I would really like to start using Front Row and DVD Player on my Hackint0sh.
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