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pippox0 10-25-2011 08:44 AM

Install Mac OS X Leopard on P4M890T-M2
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i make a guide to install Leopard on P4M890T-M2 for those who have my same HW
(See my sign for HW )

What we need :
- iDeneb DVD 1.4 - Leopard 10.5.6
- some Kext -> see later
- Windows Xp installed and running

So begin:

0) From windows create a primary partition MBR /FAt32 and name it Leopard
Boot iDeneb DVD and with Disk Utility format Leopard partition with HFS+ journaling, MBR, and make it active and bootable.

1) Install iDeneb DVD with these options:
- Kernel 9.2.0 (better compability)
- Chipset Via/sis/marvell
- NvDarwin 512Mb - video per GeForce 7300 -> only if you have my same Video card
- network card RTL3189 - no kext needed OOB
- audio card - ALC662 -> install Kext later
- AppleACPI_SMC_Fix -> very important
- Cpus=1 Fix -> very important
- All applications - if you want

When the installation on HDD is finished and reboot PC, you stop here :
MAC Framework successfully initialized
using 10485 buffer headers and 4096 cluster IO buffer headers ...

2) Now from windows XP , use transMac to copy/update the kexts needed
if a kext is present , you need to delete it before to copy to S/L/E
- AppleACPIPlatform.Kext
- AppleAPIC.Kext
- IOFamilyPlugIn.Kext

3) Now reboot HDD with -x -v parameters ( use also cpus=1 if you don't have select it during installation)

if you get a Kernel Panic on AppleACPIFamilyPlugIn (you need to reinstall Fix ACPI SMC Fix fron ideneb DVD ) deselect "main system" to make fast patch otherwise all the files are reinstalled ( it takes too much).

4) Now you get welcome screen, bla bla, create user ,etc.

5) Then with KextHelper you can install audio card ALC662 using AppleHDA.kext inside

6) That's it

See attached Files

Cheers :)


- In Bios set SATA to IDE compatible mode
- To dual boot from Win XP you have to use chain0 and modify boot.ini adding a line C:\chain0="Mac OS X86"
you can get here

Dj-Elroy 11-02-2011 08:16 AM

hi i have a 2 problemīs
first problem whise instal is just working for me a wile but when (kernal panicīs ) then i must replace all this kexts again :-S then it works again a wile and again an again an again :-S
second problem is wen i install osx whitout the kext(or efi sting) vor my ATI saphire x1900xt) it works wonderfull on 1024x768 :-S an wen i install the strin Bamm a wohnderfull red screen :-D ^^ whitout text that is the problem for whis symthom =?

sry for my bad english :-D ( im german :-( )

pippox0 11-02-2011 04:56 PM

Hi Dj-Elroy,
for KP try to verify/repair permissions on OSX HDD with Disk Utility.

For ATI X1900 - you must use NATIT.kext for Leopard : it enables QE/CI for X1900

Dj-Elroy 11-02-2011 06:34 PM

the moust Kpīs are after the Clear premisions :-(

pippox0 11-06-2011 08:51 PM

Hi Dj-Elroy,
Try to substitute the Kernel for fix Kp.

Use iDeneb Dvd , deselect iDeneb System pack , and select Kernel 9.2.0 .