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Originally Posted by misterfrista View Post
I tested your first kernel and my fresh 10.7.4 installation works great with flags -v npci=0x2000 -legacy!

But your newest one from today just restarts my pc over and over again, I tried the following flags in many combinations: -force64 -legacy arch=x86_64/i386 -v -f npci=0x2000 nothings helps!

My System:
- Bulldozer 8120
- Asus M5A97
- Geforce 9500GT
- 10.7.4 from Appstore with Myhack and your kernel a clean install without any problem
Same for me, fx-8150, m5a97 (same), geforce 560ti. Restart after all kexts. This is without -legacy flag, of course.

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