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Originally Posted by bobert View Post
sadly on the latest kernel i get still waiting for root device

thanks for your amazing work though i wasnt even getting that far before because of my setup

im on Chip AMD Athlon x64 3000+
Mobo ASRock K8S8
HDD Sata 1TB
CD DVD Rom External usb
CD DVD Rom Internal Sata bluray
2GB Ram

this was on 10.7.4 that i tryied with your kernel RAW, someone perhaps a fresh set of eyes could tell me ?

i plugged the hdd onto another hackintoshed machine, ran myhack 3.2 then dropped in your kernel and modded the extra/chameleon.boot.plist folder to take your kernel , then repaire perms* and shut down on that machine i then unplugged the drive and put it onto the machine in question still root device :/ boo lol... but thats must be my setup


-x -f -F -v -s rd=disk0s2 pcirootuid=1/0 graphicsenabler =no yes - then i tried updating to chameleon 2.2 r2187 or something

thank you everyone for trying to make a working kernel but its not for me yet unless anyone has any ideas please do share ive tried some guides etc for amd but ..... there a no go

cant thank you enough tho test 30 didnt work yet for me unless i need different flags

hello ,

bios is AHCI ?

wath graphics card ?

Macmini early 2006 /blanGsak 10.7.2
Acer 8930 G / core2duo T6500 / NV 9600 GS m / Lion 10.7.3 / ML 10.8.2 / w7/8
Asus M5A97pro / FX 8350 / Asus HD 7950 CUII v2
GA-78LMT SP2 / FX 6100 / P x4 960t / Sapphire HD 4850 1024
MSI K9neo v1 / Atlon 4800+/ Gigabyte HD 5450 512
test kernel 12.0 AMD

Tuto :

CG opérationnelle : HD 5450 512 / HD 4850 1 / GT 610
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