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UniBeast takes 10-15 HOURS instead of minutes

So the folks over at tonymac did not want to help me with this at all since I'm doing it using OS X from a torrent (even though I eventually DO buy OS X once I actually have it installed and running), but anyway.

I first tried to install Lion with iAtkos L2 and it successfully installed, but I couldn't boot to it. (The last message in verbose mode was something about iTunes/Mac App store DRM, which makes no sense.) Then I tried to do it using this Unibeast thing, and it was an overnight operation waiting for it basically. When I got back in the morning, the USB drive didn't look the way it should have looked and didn't boot at all.

Trying to do this from 10.5.7, but I don't even know if that will even work at all. Do I need SL first?

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