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hello all,

My English is rough, I hope you understand me.

It is unfortunate that the moderators InsanelyMac come in all the time would obstruct the various subjects by their derogatory comments that generates a bad mood, TheConnactic created a topic on the development of AMD kernel for 12.0 which is in the development stage of SSSE3 emulator.

This is not the "Appeal of 18 June 1940 General de Gaulle" but if you do not mind I will like that we continuously work on this site "infinitemac" which is far, far more welcoming than latter.

Thank you to TheConnactic, Sinetek, Spakk, and all those who want to participate.

For my part, I participate with my modest contribution of Having proper matèriel K10, K15 and intel to test progress.

Thank you.

Macmini early 2006 /blanGsak 10.7.2
Acer 8930 G / core2duo T6500 / NV 9600 GS m / Lion 10.7.3 / ML 10.8.2 / w7/8
Asus M5A97pro / FX 8350 / Asus HD 7950 CUII v2
GA-78LMT SP2 / FX 6100 / P x4 960t / Sapphire HD 4850 1024
MSI K9neo v1 / Atlon 4800+/ Gigabyte HD 5450 512
test kernel 12.0 AMD

Tuto :

CG opérationnelle : HD 5450 512 / HD 4850 1 / GT 610
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