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The guide referenced in my post works a bit easier than a firmware flash or using the old developer preview kernel.

It involves installing Chameleon which emulates EFI64, modifying the installer to work around the supported model check, and placing the bootloader and installer on a separate drive. There are several other items to be addressed after install. 10.8 dropped support for video cards that were commonly found in MacPros of that era. All of these topics were discussed in the aforementioned post. You should be able to run 10.8 in 64bit with future updates.

The guide is geared for those trying to do the upgrade using the MacPro 1,1 only. Since I have other EFI64 machines, I will try to use a single drive approach.

On a separate topic, you mention using 10.8 DP1 for i386 support. By any chance, have you come across any solutions for 64bit only applications. I have not kept up-to-date on 10.8 but would be interested if anyone has been able to patch the 12.x kernel for 32bit support and also addressed the issue with the drop of 32bit support from other critical parts of the OS.

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