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Originally Posted by R:A:W:X86 View Post
We will see what can be done, once the source code is released...

Comparing the Kernel with the Lion one in ida looks like Apple has made quite a lot of changes to the gear unit.

Most likely AMD ain't impossible - but it may require some serious rewrite of a patch.
People have been booting the x86_64 Kernel in Snow Leopard, but I haven't ever seen it up and running. Furthermore the current Lion patch contains a lot of obsolete code changes that last from Voodoo XNU and even earlier - it would deserve some update anyway...
But I don't think I'd be able to do such a job.

I am running Mountain Lion on MBP and Xeon Workstation - very satisfied so far...
Nawcom released a Snow Leopard kernel. It can launch with 64 bit. I don't think AMD is impossible, but it will only support some AMD cpus.
It's difficult,not impossible.
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