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Originally Posted by crimsonangel View Post
Have you noticed and problems with your mouse after prolonged usage? I use a usb mouse and keyboard and after a while the mouse begins to jump around the screen sporadically eventually to a point where it is impossible to do anything.

(edit: Im trying out the disabler kext to see if that solves my problem)

(edit 2: The disabler kext seemed to have decreased the problem but after a while there is still a slightly noticeable quivering of the mouse when moving around and very minute jumping)

(edit 3: The mouse just went wild for no apparent reason it jumped wildly all over the screen and after about 20 min went back to the normal very slight jumpiness and then back to the huge sporadic jumps a few min later. Does anyone know a fix for this? Disabler.kext does not work)
had the same problem with my usb mouse and 8800gt... didn't solve this, and guys - sorry, i've upgraded to phenom x4 recently so can't support this kext anymore
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